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Ideally located in Montmélian, whose wine-growing hillsides are a striking sight for any visitor, the museum occupies a vast and beautiful mansion full of character. As the seasons change, as history unfolds, the tour reveals the specific characteristics of Savoyard viticulture, but also satisfies all sorts of curiosities about viticulture and wine. Alongside the collections, there are games for all to enjoy. And films, old and new, show and listen to specialists and winemakers, particularly on current issues (global warming, biodiversity, etc.).

The traditional “vine to wine” itinerary is truly enriched. Spaces are dedicated to viticultural soils, grafting, cooperage, wine labels… and in particular to ampelography, so many of the museum’s commitments in this field alongside the CAA-PG (creation of a conservatory vineyard, hosting the library of ampelographer Pierre Galet…). The museum contributes to Montmélian’s and the region’s reputation by affirming the region’s winegrowing identity.

The Savoie region

The region, nestled in an arc formed by the Alps, is famous for its skiing. Yet it offers a much richer face: high mountain ranges but also gentle mountains; alpine pastures or hedged farmland; mountain streams or lakes; vast forests or isolated villages with picturesque architecture... A diverse nature, a mosaic of landscapes and countries, a singular heritage, are to be discovered all year round.

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CAA-PG Centre d'Ampélographie Alpine - Pierre Galet

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