Passing on the heritage we have received and preserving biodiversity to better understand evolution and adapt. Over and above the ethical values that underpin the importance of acting without harming living things, biodiversity is essential to production, improving the many varieties that have been patiently selected.

A vector of economic activity, this natural ecosystem makes the region attractive, thanks to its beautiful, unspoilt landscapes and the quality of its products. Numerous sites share with you the history of our vineyards and their evolution.

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The Savoie Vine and Wine Museum

A wine and culture identity to discover!
At the crossroads of the Alpine valleys and on the Chambéry-Grenoble axis, the museum dedicated to viticulture in Savoie is housed in a characterful mansion in the historic center of Montmélian. The museum unfolds around a charming little courtyard, between floors, barns and cellars. In this vast space of almost 1,000 m², visitors are invited to explore the rich world of vines and wine at their own pace, with a particular focus on Savoyard viticulture.

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