Protecting and promoting the traditions and landscape features associated with vines and wine
are a major concern for major international cultural institutions. Throughout the world, vineyards and ancient winemaking techniques have earned the privilege of being classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

A family passion and a testimony for future generations.

In the same spirit of promoting and disseminating knowledge, this museographic space, created in the heart of the Côte-Rôtie appellation, embodies the Guigal family’s wish and desire to share the winegrowing testimonies patiently assembled over decades. A fabulous historical legacy that the family is committed to preserving generation after generation. In order to pass on this heritage, she wanted to create a space open to culture at the very heart of the vineyard, but also a place for everyone to experience.

The Caveau du Château museographic space plunges visitors into the history of Rhône Valley vineyards and winegrowers since antiquity. The collection has no other ambition than to amaze visitors by revealing the fascinating facets of this universe, but also to tell the story of the men and women who for millennia have devoted their lives to the cultivation of vines and wine.
Modest pickaxe and precious oenochoe, cooper’s tools and Roman coins, hood of
grape-pickers and ancient amphorae, all these objects and works of art come together in this place to bring to life the most ancient of our heritages.

The highlight of the visit is the astonishing historic numismatic collection.

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At the heart of the new Vallée de la Gastronomie, where wine tourism is booming, located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, 30 minutes south of Lyon and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, the Caveau du Château offers an ideal venue for welcoming the general public.

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Cellar museum - Ampuis
Cellar museum - Ampuis
Cellar museum - Ampuis

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