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Close to the Charente river, the Musée des Savoirs du Cognac offers 2,000m2 of exhibition space, in a setting that combines old stone with contemporary architecture. The museum is located on the site of the oldest trading house, Maison Augier, founded in 1643. It promotes the Cognac region and its heritage, while presenting the great human, industrial and commercial adventure of cognac.

After an overview of the Charente vineyards from Gallo-Roman times to the arrival of phylloxera, the devastating insect that destroyed vines in the 19th-20th centuries and gave rise to modern viticulture, Part 1 looks at the world of vines. Each area is then dedicated to the different stages in cognac production. From the delicate art of distillation to vintage posters, the ancestral know-how of coopers, the sharp nose of the cellar master, the innovative inventions of master glassmaker Claude Boucher, and packaging design to enhance the product, the alchemy surrounding cognac is evoked.

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